MiTAC Information Technology Corp., a provider of AIoT Solutions for Smart City. Established in October 2010, MiTAC has inherited rich experiences in system integration and core technology from MiTAC Inc, and accumulated technological capabilities in various fields.
MiTAC is the pioneer of Smart City in Taiwan, and has developed successful business models in smart transportation, smart education, smart healthcare, smart manufacturing, smart enterprise, smart banking, e-government and many other fields.

The Pioneer of Smart City

MiTAC has been cooperating with governments and enterprises, helping customers from end to cloud, from Electronization to AI, and achieved numerous success cases including E-Gate System, Communication/Electronics/AFC systems in public transportation and RFID system in the Public Library of New Taipei City.

MiTAC MiFuture
What is Smart City?
What is the best solution?
MiTAC as the first computer company in Taiwan, believes that IoT, RFID, MaaS and AI are just means to create smart city. Ultimately, the happiness of every citizen is the most important thing.
MiAIOT Smart CIty Platform
MiAIOT, an AIoT platform designated for smart city. It can thoroughly analyze IoT Big Data and useAI technology to provide governments and enterprises with decisions on municipal administration, city construction, process control, asset management and epidemic prevention. Sensors connected with MiAIOT are able to use any protocol. With the international standards (OGC), MiAIOT can convertIoT and non-IoT data at high speed. The flexible built-in visual design tools allow user drag and drop AI code (No code) or write a short code (low code).Users also can create dynamic AI services, and immediately present on the built-in dashboard, or predict abnormalities and send notifications to the third party systems.
Smart Manufacturing
MiTAC has leveraged the RFID technology and integrated with related solutions for the warehousing and production management system. MiTAC's RFID Smart Manufacturing Solution has been applied in various industry, such as IPC, LED, Semiconductor, and textile industry. We've also used supervised learning AI modules to develop MiTAC’s MiAION SeeR, a failure detection solution. MiTAC's strong software development ability will be your biggest advantage.
Temperature Sensing & Face Recognition Access Control Solution
It can quickly and reliably complete a variety of face recognition application deployments on a single platform. It also has the flexibility to use a variety of FR / TS / AC features to interface with different units in applied scenarios across industries. It can allow the authorized person whose temperature is below the preset temperature to enter the area. It also can record the personal ID, name and the measured temperature, and send them to the back-end database in real time. When the measured temperature is higher than preset one, it will send out alarm notifications.
MiCMS-MiTAC Central Monitoring System
MiCMS, MiTAC’s Central Monitoring System, designed for building superintendent or security guard, is an information system of the Smart Building Solution. It has been introduced into the MiTAC’s headquarter building and the Taipei MRT Circular Line.
IDSmart RFID Smart Library Total Solution
The IDSmart RFID Smart Library Total Solution is a total solution for library automation based on RFID developed by ClarIDy, a part of the MiTAC Group. CalrIDy's exceptional technology R&D and application capability means IDSmart now accounts for over 75% of the library UHF market in Taiwan, making it the industry leader in technological innovation. Fully integrated services from assisting with librarian tasks, reader self-service equipment, back-end self-service inventory and sorting equipment help boost the efficiency of library operations and reader satisfaction, realizing the goal of a modernized smart library.
Automatic Fare Collection System
The AFCs Automatic Fare Collection System is designed for railway transportation operators. It provides a total automated fare collection solution for public transportation that integrates fare collection software technology and ticketing hardware. MiTAC's AFCS product is used by the Taiwan High Speed Rail and Taipei Metro, and also in Fuzhou (China), Chennai (India), Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), Jakarta (Indonesia) and Bangkok (Thailand). In 2017, the system received national recognition in the form of the "System Integration Award."
MiUAV is an Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) solution that integrates 5G microwave, software, and hardware. It achieves flight control, GIS chart display, Real-time image transmission through 4G/5G communication technology and WIFI combined with front-end control box and UAV. With the back-end smart city governance management platform MiAIOT enable AI analysis and information management and to help solve the problems of smart city planning.
Smart Street Light
In Taiwan Mercury Vapor Street Lamp Replacement Project, MiTAC made the conversion of approximately 80,000 street lights to LED. In order to achieve lower cost and higher efficiency of the streetlight installation, MiTAC developed GIS Street Light Management System. The system integrates collected information and re-presents them in graphic form to ensure the legibility of data. The legibility improves the control of street lights construction progress, asset inventory and management, maintenance tracking, hence it helps save time and personnel costs, improve the management efficiency and the accuracy of annual maintenance budget.


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