MiTAC speeds up cloud arrangements

Date: 2015.09.01 / MiTAC


With the retirement of former General Manager of MiTAC Information Technology, Simon Chiang in August, Chairman Liang Su undertook on the position. After having held the office of Chairman for almost half a year, facing the impacts from the economic situation and changes in industrial environment, Chairman Su decided to carry out a business transformation and organizational adjustment with the hope of leading MiTAC back to glory.

When speaking of the difficulties faced by vendors of system integration, Chairman Su felt for them deeply: “Our challenges include cuts to the government’s budget, the entry of government-owned stock as competitors, gradual loss of brand advantages, consistently high costs in operation, and a decline in overall revenue. To get away from such fierce competition, a prompt transformation was necessary.” MiTAC Information Technology has inherited engineering experience and application knowledge of system integration from MiTAC Inc. This allowed deep involvement in fieldssuch as e-government, smart transportation, smart manufacturing, smart healthcare, smart education and smart banking. Chairman Su pointed out, “We build a large ‘cloud’ platform and collect ‘terminal’ information from various smart devices. Each of these solutions are scattered over different fields that may seem independent on their own, but they actually belong to the Internet of Things (IoT).”

Transforming into developer of IoT applications with the four major Business Groups performing their own functions

MiTAC wishes to transform from a solution supplier focusing on system integration of software/hardware into a solution supplier on the IoT for “cloud” and “terminal” systems for system integration. Through interviews with clients, Chairman Su also summarized key developments for the future, including adjustments to business model, targeting commercialization and internationalization, converging all resources to enter the Industry 4.0 field, actively cultivating strengths to develop Bank 3.0 solutions, breaking departmental barriers and emphasizing organizational cooperation, as well as reforming businesses scattered and overlapped in each department with the energy of core technology (which resulted the 4 major Business Groups of IoT, Special Project, Intelligent Products, Cloud Services and IT Products), so as to improve the technology and teams.

Intelligent Products Business Group: In addition to manufacturing project goods such as ticket machine, inquiry machines, ticket inspecting machines and e-gates with diversity but small quantity, we also integrated the RFID technology and embedded software specialized by Claridy Solutions Inc., which made us more competitive in research, development and production on the smart “terminal”.

Cloud Services and IT Products Business Group: Cloud computing hardware is referred as “Infrastructure” and the software divides into “Platform” and “Software.” The networking products under MiTAC's agency provide Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), the products of operation system and application system provide Platform as a Service (PaaS) and the products of application software provide Software as a Service (SaaS). With the platform operation in addition, a thorough system of cloud service is then formed.

IoT Business Group: We perpendicularly or horizontally integrate systems developed in fields of government, finance, manufacturing, education and medicine in the past to form IoT solutions. For instance, the banking and corporate financing system with mobile application becomes Bank 3.0; the surveillance system of semiconductor plant with RFID application becomes Industry 4.0; the ERP system of enterprise with mobile application becomes Business 4.0 and medical system with smart device becomes smart healthcare.

Special Project Business Group: The business of smart transportation covering rails (Taiwan Railway, Taiwan High Speed Rail and Mass Rapid Transit) and highways (ETC-Electronic Toll Collection) has always been MiTAC's strong suit. With strength accumulated from project management on information technology, engineering, electrical power, signal and toll collecting systems over the years, we have become the leading company in Taiwan. We also export products to countries and areas such as India, Vietnam, China and Hong Kong. In future, we will continue to develop overseas markets.

Resource integration make synergy for commercialization and internationalization

Chairman Su pointed out that in the past, MiTAC (including MiTAC Communications, Onsys and Claridy Solutions)achieved many excellent results in the field of system integration and almost every project has its own core technology. However, many of these technologies were not utilized repetitively and this caused a failure of technology accumulation. In the future, we shall gather all these resources to establish a mechanism of cooperation that exerts trans-department and trans-field synergy effects.

Commercialization is also an important target that often occupies Chairman Su's mind: “Looking the entire ecology of cloud services, countless smart terminals are needed, which means products themselves. In addition to large customized projects, MiTAC needs to develop extensive and in-depth products. Take the smart library with RFID by Claridy Solutions for example, all relevant hardware and software were commercialized. In this way, completed and packaged products can be continuously duplicated, which further reduces the cost of maintenance and generates reasonable profits.

MiTAC has invested impressive resources in the fields of smart transportation, smart healthcare and smart education,as well as active development on Bank 3.0, Industry 4.0 and Business 4.0. With the addition of Claridy Solutions achievement on smart library and industrial IoT, the context of a smart city is clear. Chairman Su believes that there is large room for developing smart city IoT and MiTAC has found a precise direction, which he feels deeply confident on future development.

“Strength only comes out in right direction.” Chairman Su will lead all MiTAC personnel towards a vast domain of cloud big data and IoT with targets of commercialization and internationalization. In the past, MiTAC has been a leading company for system integration in Taiwan. In the future, MiTAC will take its place in the cloud and IoT market for another 40 years of glory.