Glory and Responsibility



  • "Open Payment System for Rail Ticketing" won "2017 System Integration Award"
  • "Intelligent Library System" by Claridy Solutions Inc. won "2017 System Integration Award"


  • Received 2016 Google Cloud Partner Awards - Asia Pacific (APAC)
  • Claridy Solutions Inc. assisted New Taipei City Public Library to implement "Library 2.0+" and won the "Innovative Application Award".
  • Automatic Immigration Clearance System (e-Gate/e-Border) was honored with "2016 System Integration Award"


  • The Central Weather Bureau Data Storage Procurement Case awarded IBM "Project of the Year"
  • Assisted​ ​ASE​ ​Group​ ​in passing EAL 6 safety certification
  • MiTAC Communication Co. Ltd. ​w​on "Avaya Taiwan Best Performance Award"
  • Assisted Taishin Bank to develop "Foreign Exchange System" and won "Domestic Technology & Operations Bank of the Year" by "Asian Banking and Finance, ABF".
  • The Automated Airport and Boarder Clearance System selected within III's (Institute for Information Industry) top 10 “2014 ICT Best Choice ME Award”.


  • Chairman Matthew Miao of MiTAC-SYNNEX Group was issued the “8th Pan Wen Yuan Awards – Push technology to global scale”.
  • Selected among one of the 10 Taiwanese manufacturers in “2014 ICT Best Choice for Middle East Region” as the Best Endorsing Product and Service in MIT Information Technology. The event was held by the III (Institute for Information Industry) for generating commercial opportunities in IT market by marketing in Taiwan and aims at Middle East Region.
  • Taipei EasyCard System was recognized with the “Taiwan World-Class Information Technology Application Award” by the Information Service Industry Association of R.O.C., (CISA) on March 13, 2014, acknowledging its outstanding performance and large-scale services coverage & subscribers in Taiwan.
  • The Automated Immigration Clearance System (e-Gate) and Advance Passenger Information System (APIS) adopted by the National Immigration Agency (NIA) were honored with the “Taiwan World-Class Information Technology Application Award” by the Information Service Industry Association of R.O.C., (CISA, 中華軟協) on March 13, 2014, acknowledging the practicality of both systems in safe guarding the borders of Taiwan.
  • On February 20, 2014, at TaoYuan Airport terminal 2, National Immigration Agency celebrated the 10,000,000th passengers entering/exiting e-Gate have been recorded through the e-Gates and MiTAC participated and sponsored the ceremony with EasyCard and Mio products.


  • Taiwan Mobile IDC(Internet Data Center), implemented by MiTAC, certified by Uptime Institute with Tier III Design (Tier Certification of Design Documents,TCDD) and Tier III Facility (Tier Certification of Constructed Facility,TCCF).
  • MiTAC has received “Certificate of AFC System Works Completion” from ALSTOM/CTCI Consortium.


  • MiTAC being certified the PS&D and Communication Subsystems passed the Inspection and Acceptance Process by Bombardier Inc.
  • MiTAC’s “ MiCloud-Small Green IT Project Turned into Revenue Generator ” Project being listed in the Lineup of Finalists in the IT Excellence Awards 2012.


  • Certified as one of the Best Contractors 2011 by UMC.
  • On December 11, 2011, MiTAC was qualified as an Approval Supplier of Bombardier with good quality control through Bombardier SEAP (Supplier Evaluation and Approval Process) auditing procedure which is in compliance with IRIS (International Railway Industry Standard).
  • E-invoice Project, MiTAC implemented for Financial Data Center MOF, received “2011 eASIA Award” and “Winner of the Public Sector Organisation 2011-North Asia, futureGOV”.
  • The Digitalization of the Consolidated Income Tax e-Deduction Statement Project, MiTAC co-worked with Financial Data Center MOF, received “Government Service Quality Award”.
  • The Services of Pre-Calculation of Consolidated Income Tax Return Project, MiTAC co-worked with Financial Data Center MOF, received “Outstanding IT Application/Products Award, IT Month 2011”.
  • Taishin Bank “Unified Facility and Risk Management System”, implemented by MiTAC e-banking project team, won 2011 IDC Taiwan Enterprise Innovation Award.
  • “e-Ticketing Bus Validator” awarded one of the winners in Taiwan Excellent 100 on ITS/Telematics in 2011.

Quality System

Our mission is to incorporate advanced technology and business domain knowledge, providing customers with comprehensive, dynamic solutions to improve productivity and working efficiency, to better compete in the marketplace.


“To win the trust is an honor and responsibility, to take the criticism politely is a wisdom and courage.” This is our persistent faith and long-term commitment to all stakeholders including employees, stockholders, customers, partners and community.

Business Objective

We aim to pursue sustainable development and maintain growth momentum by continuously enhancing our customer partnership, focusing on quality and excellence, learning high-end technology and improving our financial results.

Quality Policy

In order to achieve our mission and business objective, we take three statements as our quality slogan, they are:

(A). Total Quality: Quality in MiTAC is all about committed ownership, employee involvement, supplier/ subcontractor quality management, lessons learned and feedback, defect prevention and continuous quality/ process improvement.

(B). Total Self-learning: Through learning by doing and cross-functional training, we improve employee capabilities and quality disciplines. We also incubate a learning organization and establish knowledge database incorporated project outputs and process improvement outputs for future continuous quality/ process improvement.

(C). Total Marketing: Marketing is the responsibility of all employees, from the engineer to the executive suite. To learn how a whole business can become a marketing vehicle and how the marketing organization can serve as the engine of customer engagement, is our first priority.

MiTAC QMS – an Integrated Quality Management System

MiTAC adopted and introduced world-wide standards and quality models into employees' daily operations and further combined them together as an Integrated Quality Management System, called MiTAC QMS. MiTAC QMS is a consolidation of experiences, lessons learned, and best practices derived from over 30+ years project implementation that are also aligned to standard quality models and certifications, which includes PMI PMBOK, SEI CMMI-DEV, ISO9001, ISO27001 ISMS, ITIL, as well as relevant engineering quality and system safety & assurance standards, e.g., EN50126, EN50128, IEEE730, ISO/IEC12207, RAMS, SIL 2, MIL-STD, DOD-STD, etc. The fact that the organization and its employees/ engineers have consistently been assessed and certified on international quality models in order to assure MiTAC' s customers of timely, reliable, defect-zero delivery of products and services. This is a set of generic and domain specific disciplines and working codes meeting some mission-critical requirements.

ISO9001 Certification

ISO9001 Certification and Quality Improvement Journey ISO9001 quality management system was widely deployed in internal daily operations in MiTAC.

2013 – MiTAC Information Technology Corp. completed a renew assessment on ISO 9001:2008

2010 – MiTAC Information Technology Corp. was re-assessed and awarded ISO 9001:2008 certification, after a spin-off plan

2001 – MiTAC took a renew assessment on ISO 9001:2000

1996 – MiTAC was assessed and obtained, as the No. 1 IT company, ISO 14000 certification

1995 – MiTAC was assessed ISO 9001:1994 certification

ISO27001 Certification

ISO27001Certification and Information Security Management System Journey MiTAC introduced ISMS to establish a secure environment and also supported existing customers to be ISO 27001 certified organizations.

2013 – MiTAC Information Technology Corp. completed a renew assessment on ISO 27001:2005

2010 – MiTAC Information Technology Corp. was re-assessed and awarded ISO 27001:2005 certification, after a spin-off plan

2007 – MiTAC was assessed ISO 27001:2005 certification

CMMI Appraisal

CMMI Appraisal and Process Improvement Journey MiTAC is one of the early adopters for CMMI process improvement program in Taiwan.

2013 – MiTAC Information Technology Corp. completed a renew certification CMMI-DEV V1.3 ML3

2010 – MiTAC Information Technology Corp. stepped forward to CMMI Maturity Level 5 as plan.

2010 – MiTAC Information Technology Corp. was appraised as CMMI-DEV V1.2 ML3 on November 15, after company spin-off.

2010 – MiTAC supported Data Processing Center MOF to pass CMMI-ACQ appraisal.

2008 – The whole organization of MiTAC Inc. took a renew certification CMMI-DEV V1.2 ML3 on October 9.

2007 – AIDC and Onsys achieved CMMI Maturity Level 2 separately under MiTAC consultancy services.

2005 – PABG, as a pilot unit, deployed CMMI model and appraised as CMMI-SE/SW V1.1 Maturity Level 3 on August 10.

2004 – MiTAC signed contract with SEI partner India QAI to provide consultancy services for organization’s process improvement CMMI Maturity Level 3

2002 – MiTAC Education introduced SEI certified "Introduction to CMMI" training course in Taiwan market.

Other RAMS related certification

MiTAC project team members are well equipped with real life practices and experiences to comply with the requirements of some critical system assurance, for instances:

  • Taiwan High Speed Rail automatic fare collection project was developed and tested to commissioning over 4 years, which was implemented in compliance with ISO/IEC12207, EN50126, EN50128, etc.
  • The communication system, power supply & distribution system, automatic fare collection system implemented for Taipei MRT projects totally met EU standard EU 50126 system assurance engineering operation requirements, which includes Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, and Safety, that is RAMS.
  • Taipei MRT Neihu Line power supply & distribution system and communication system have been proven in accordance with IEEE730, MIL-STD, etc.
  • Some homeland security programs and systems were required to follow MIL-STD, DOD-STD in the entire life cycle.
  • By Lloyd’s Register International (Thailand) Limited, Taipei Tunnel Central Supervisory & Control System was assessed an appropriate quality management system to ensure the system achieves Safety Integrated Level 2 (SIL 2) in accordance with IEC61508.
  • Taiwan Mobile launched IDC(Internet Data Center) on November 26, 2013 which was implemented by MiTAC and certified by Uptime Institute with Tier III Design (Tier Certification of Design Documents,TCDD) and Tier III Facility (Tier Certification of Constructed Facility,TCCF).