Main Business

Main Business

Research, development and production of intellegent products: Focusing on the integration and application of intellegent products in various fields.

In addition to manufacturing project goods such as ticket machine, inquiry machine, ticket inspecting machine and e-gate with diversity but small quantity, we also integrated the RFID technology and embedded software specialized by Claridy Solutions Inc., which made us more competitive in research, development and production on the smart “terminal”.

Cloud platform and agency business: Providing value added applications and services on cloud platform and products under agency.

The cloud computing hardware is referred as “Infrastructure” and the software divides into “Platform” and “Software”. The networking products under MiTAC's agency provide IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), the products of operation system and application system provide PaaS (Platform as a Service) and the products of application software provide SaaS (Software as a Service). With the platform operation in addition, a thorough system of cloud service is then formed.

IoT (Internet of Things) solutions: Covering fields of government, finance, manufacturing and education for IoT application.

We perpendicularly or horizontally integrate systems developed in fields of government,finance, manufacturing, education and healthcare in the past to form the IoT solutions. For instance, the banking and corporate financing system with mobile application becomes Bank 3.0; the surveillance system of semiconductor plants with RFID applications become Industry 4.0; libraries management system with RFID become Smart Libraries; the ERP system of enterprise with mobile application becomes Business 4.0 and healthcare system with smart device becomes smart healthcare.

Special system integration: In­depth involvement on integrating fields such as smart traffic and smart city, as well as peripheral applications with additional values.

The business of smart traffic covering rails (Taiwan Railway, Taiwan High Speed Rail and Mass Rapid Transit) and highways (ETC-Electronic Toll Collection) has always been MiTAC's strong suit. With strength accumulated from project management on information technology, engineering, electrical power, signal and toll collecting systems over the years, we have become the leading company in Taiwan, where we also export products to countries and areas such as India, Vietnam, China and Hong Kong. In future, we will continue to develop oversea markets.

Executive Team

Matthew Miao

Chairman of MiTAC SYNNEX Group

Liang Su

Chairman & President of MiTAC