Company Overview

Company Overview

Since its official establishment in October 2010, MiTAC Information Technology Corp. has inherited rich experiences in system integration and core technology from MiTAC Inc. That allowed us to transform from a solution supplier focusing on system integration of hardware into a solution supplier on IoT (Internet of Things) for cloud system of system integration.

From this, we gathered IoT technology and application in various fields to integrate resources and produce thorough effects. With the targets of commercialization and internationalization, we aim to push innovative development of “IoT Plus” and build new values in the IoT.


  • Spin-off from MiTAC Inc.(MI)
  • Established in Oct 2010
  • Paid-in Capital:US$47M (NT$1,500M)
  • NO. of Employees:1,000

The Spirit of Enterprise

“To win the trust is an honor and responsibility, to take the criticism politely is a wisdom and courage.”

This is our persistent faith and long-term commitment to customers. In the future, MiTAC Information Technology Corp. will focus on the system integration business, moving up to the top branding in Taiwan's ICT industry and becoming a world-class system integration provider.


Key milestones of MiTAC Information Technology Corp.


  • Claridy Solutions Inc. assisted New Taipei City Public Library to implement "Library 2.0+" and won the "Innovative Application Award".
  • Automatic Immigration Clearance System (e-Gate/e-Border) was honored with "2016 System Integration Award"


  • Business transition to speed up cloud arrangement, link up applications within the industry and rebuild its IoT value.
  • Increase of investment to Claridy Solutions, Inc. for joint promotion of IoT service within the industry.


  • Joint construction of Project “MiCampus® Innovative integration and service for smart campus” with MiTAC Communication Co., LTD, where subsidy was granted by Ministry of Economy in October for topical research and development on Project “Smart Campus – Industrial promotion, planning and construction of demo school.”
  • MiTAC became Google's partner on Google Cloud Platform.
  • e-Gate and APIS adopted by the National Immigration Agency (NIA ) were honored with the “Taiwan World-Class Information Technology Application Award”.
  • Breakthrough of 13.5 millions counts on Automated Immigration Clearance System.
  • Taipei EasyCard System was recognized with the “Taiwan World-Class Information Technology Application Award”.


  • Launching of online local tax service, where the Fiscal Information Agency won the Gold Prize for International Project Benchmark.
  • Participation in promotion of “Corporate Cloud” by New Taipei City and “Taipei Cloud” by Taipei City.


  • Allied with Data Systems to roll out SMB ERP service based on MiCloud.
  • MiCloud among finalists of the IT Excellence Awards 2012 hosted by IDC.
  • The Unified Facility and Risk Management System (UFRMS) collaboratively developed with Taishin Bank won the “2012 Celent Model Bank Award”.
  • Partnership with local solution providers, MiTAC reveals the first healthcare cloud service for clinics.


  • MiTAC's eTicketing Validator received service and products achievement award at "Taiwan Excellent 100 on ITS/Telematics "
  • Received Tunnel Central Monitoring System SIL-2 certification
  • Partnership with Joyent lunched MiCloud, first public cloud service in Taiwan


  • Spun off from MiTAC Inc.
  • Renewed and acquired ISO9001:2008 certification
  • Renewed and acquired ISO27001:2005 certification
  • Achieved CMU SEI CMMI-Dev V1.2 Maturity Level 3 appraisal

Important Milestones for MiTAC Inc.

    During the General Shareholders' Meeting held on June 25th, 2010, MiTAC Inc., the predecessor of MiTAC Information Technology Corp. spun off six major operational business groups through proposal on system integration of principal business and shift in investment to form a new company, namely “MiTAC Information Technology Corp.”
  • 2010 Spun off core business operation to establish a new company MiTAC Information Technology Corp.
  • 2009 Implemented Taipei Safe City program-Intelligent Surveillance System
  • 2007 Delivered foreign exchange system for E.Sun Bank, and stepped into core banking system.
  • 2006 Implemented and provided operation services of e-invoice platform for M.O.F.
  • 2005 Joined to develop Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) system.
  • 2004 Implemented Power Supply & Distribution Systems and Communication Systems for Taipei Metro.
  • 2003 Implemented AFCS for Taiwan High Speed Rail Consortium.
  • 2002 Allied with international renowned defense companies for developing C4ISR in Taiwan.
  • 2001 Implemented e-Government portal and platform project for eTaiwan plan.
  • 2000 Led the "Taipei Easy Card" project.
  • 1999 OEM/ODEM Hitachi EX-PC Series Products
  • 1997 Implemented the tax systems upgrade plan for Taiwan local tax bureaus and MOF
  • 1996 Entered the fields of Automatic Fare Collection System (AFCS) for metro network and safety enhancement program for railway system.
  • 1995 Entered the field of SCADA System for IC foundry.
  • 1994 – Launching of the first Chinese PC (Personal Computer) for households.
  • 1993 Built the Island-wide high-speed fiber optic network system.
  • 1992 Installed largest PABX Telephone System for National Taiwan University Hospital.
  • 1991 – Establishment of the Qidu Plant and entry into industrial computer industry.
  • 1989 Developed the first multi-processor system in Taiwan
  • 1986 Developed Slab Handling Facility Control System for China Steel Corp.
  • 1985 Created and gained patent rights for the Simplex Chinese character input method.
  • 1984 Integrated computer and optical communication technologies to establish the Traffic Surveillance System of National Chungshan Freeway.
  • 1982 Launched the first Chinese terminal named Ha-Tun.
  • 1979 Accomplished the biggest information system in Taiwan - the integrated tax system for Taiwan Taxation Bureau, M.O.F.
  • 1977 Developed the first commercial Chinese terminal as a pioneer for Chinese Computer applications.
  • 1976 Introduced the first super-mini computer (Perkin-Elmer, 32-bit) to develop system integration business.
  • 1975 Introduced the INTEL microprocessor to pave the way for Taiwan's PC Industry.
  • 1974 Founded in Taipei with a total capital of 2 million NT dollars, and introduced the Q1 commercial microcomputer to Taiwan automation market.